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2019 Senior Ads for the Yearbook

Posted Date: 08/30/2018



Dear Parent(s):

Looking for a creative way to tell your student, “I love you and I’m proud of you”?  Place a recognition ad in the yearbook!

A recognition ad is always a great idea.  In the future, seeing your message will bring a smile as they remember your love and support during these important years.  And, it’s easy to create a recognition ad. Just send us a copy of your favorite photo(s) and compose your message.

While you’re thinking of what your ad will look like, also think about the size of the ad space.  Select a horizontal or vertical format in a variety of sizes and costs. Take a look at the back page to see sizes and costs.

You may wish to design and submit your own senior ad, to do so visit and follow the links to get to the NHS section.

Reserve a space for your ad today to say how proud you are.  Like the yearbook, your message will be a permanent memory.



The Yearbook Staff

➔NOTE: We understand it is difficult to limit what you want to say to your senior and to limit the pictures you would like to include in the ad, but too may words or pictures distorts the ad. We are unable to reproduce pictures larger than the original. Please ask your photographer to submit larger pictures. When emailing pictures to us, please choose the original size or largest size. Phone pictures do not transfer well and we cannot include them in the layout. Pictures sent through Apps like Instagram are too small and blurry for us to include.

Then only way we will accept photos or tribute writings is through email or via a jump drive. Scan your photos and save them as a .jpg file under the name of your senior. After scanning, please PREVIEW them, be sure to crop them to include only the area you wish to show in the ad. If you don’t crop and scan, you might submit a picture too small for us to use.

If it is a senior picture you wish to use, most photographers will be more than happy to help you by sending senior images to Mrs. Harvey on your behalf.

YEARBOOKS are $50 purchased in addition to the cost of the senior ad.  You can order your yearbook online (recommended!) at or by ordering through any YB staff member. Please keep your receipt.


Student Name         Class   

Name of person buying ad: ____________________________________________    

Address    City    State    Zip

Phone     Best time to call

      We may need to contact you if we have questions regarding the ad.

◻    Yes, I would also like to buy a yearbook for an additional $ 50.   We will complete the YB order form for you.

Size                                Cost            

FULL PAGE: (7-9 images and less than 350 words)   $ 230

HALF PAGE: (4-5 images and less than 225 words)   $ 180

Quarter PAGE: (2 images and less than 100 words)   $ 130    

Eighth PAGE: (1 image and less than 50 words)   $ 80


V Vertical           Horizontal JUMP DRIVE Enclosed         Emailed


Enclosed: Yearbook $                                   Ad $ Check #


After Ad is completed:

I (or my child) have previewed the finished ad and give my permission for publication.



Signature of parent or student if 18 years.