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ASBOA Jr. High All-Region Honor Bands Selections

Posted Date: 12/04/2017

🎶Congratulations to the following Nettleton Band Members for earning a position in the ASBOA Jr. High All-Region Honor Bands:

*Eren Ernes - 1st band, 2nd chair flute
*Shelby Bass - 2nd band, 12th chair flute
*Lily Kongmany - 1st band, 22nd chair clarinet
*Carrie Cox - 1st band, 25th chair clarinet
+Abby Taylor - 1st band, 26th chair clarinet
*Damien Ehie - 2nd band, 12th chair clarinet
+Makayla Ubjaha - 2nd band, 15th chair clarinet
+Stephen Ni - 1st band, 6th chair alto saxophone
*Andrew Williams - 2nd band, 5th chair
+Lauren Hart - 2nd band, 1st chair baritone saxophone
*Justin Timm - 1st band, 5th chair trumpet
+Alie Williamson - 1st band, 6th chair horn
*Brandon Grigsby - 1st band, 8th chair horn
*Alexia Krauss - 2nd band, 5th chair horn
+Tyler Perciful - 2nd band, 6th chair horn
*Gavin Kiech - 1st band, 7th chair trombone
+Jose Sayago - 2nd band, 2nd chair trombone
+Connor Ernes - 2nd band, 5th chair percussion

The following students were named official alternates:

*Kayla Carter, 3rd alt. flute
*Madisyn Racy, 4th alt. clarinet
+Grayson Sterling, 1st alt. alto saxophone
*Gwyneth Lee, 2nd alt. trombone
+Olivia Wicker, 3rd alt. trombone