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   Nettleton High School is a innovative school that boast a diverse population of 950 students and offers a rich curriculum of Advanced Placement classes, concurrent credit classes, vocational technical curriculum, and extra curricular activities. Nettleton High School’s curriculum is driven by  a 1:1 MacBook initiative to insure each student’s success and to touch on every possible facet of education  that each student faces and needs for a high school education and beyond. Part of our mission at NHS is to equip every student for the jobs, education and challenges for today and the future. Our committment to each student is evident because Nettleton students have competitive ACT scores that are comparable to other schools in the area, and many of our students have been awarded scholarship and attend prestigious universities.

   Nettleton High School embraces the challenge of the future for education while we continue to cherish and celebrate our past traditions and accomplishments.  Our faculty and staff at Nettleton High School come together to not only invest in our students but enhance our community.  Nettleton High School’s success can be seen from the alumni that are community leaders, state leaders, national leaders and  our present students that are known in the area and around the state for their superior achievement.

   We hope that our website will give you a quick snapshot of the environment and life of our school.  Welcome to Nettleton High School… Raider Pride Is Justified!


Go Raiders,

Brian Carter

Brian Carter

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